Allan Glen's School Club

Allan Glen's School had a long and proud histoy of playing rugby, with playing fields at Bishpbriggs. Although the school was latterly under the control of Glasgow City Council and its predecessors, the playing fields were never actually owned by them, and on closure of the school the School Club became owners of the ground, now known as the Bearyards. The School Club later created a Trust to manage the ground.

When the school ceased to function in its present form the rugby club knew it would be unlikely to attract many players from the new school catchment area. So it decided to start up mini rugby to attract youngsters from the local area. This turned to be a great success and as the original Glen’s players retired the local lads took over. This has the double benefit of keeping Allan Glen's name alive, and also the sporting link with Bishopbriggs.

In 1989 the School Club committee set up Allan Glen’s Sports Club, having its own committee and which maintains the clubhouse and ground, and runs the bar.  The associated sections pay a fee to the Sports Club for use of the pitches according  to the number of teams that section runs.

The main sections are

  • Allan Glen’s Rugby Football Club
  • Allan Glen’s Rugby Academy (from 3 to18 years years of age)
  • Glasgow Harp Football Club
  • There  is also a ladies  keep fit club and a slimmers club.


Allan Glen's Rugby Football Club

Allan Glen's RFC currently plays in National Division 3  (2023-24 season) and runs a 1st XV, 2nd XV and occasional 3rdXV and trains twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Funding is by subscriptions,  sponsorship, functions and some assistance from the SRU.

The Club holds a pre match lunch about four times during the season and an annual dinner. All are welcome to both these events.

90 % of players come through the Rugby Academy.

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Allan Glen’s Rugby Academy

The Academy runs teams at virtually every age group from the Rugby Rascals at pre school age to an under18s team. The club lost a few teams over the covid period but are rebuilding steadily.

Parents are welcome to join the organising or coaching staff and assistance in transportation is always welcome. The club Development Officer organises coaching courses either domesticly or via the SRU especially for coaching of the older and more advanced teams.


Glasgow Harp Football Club

Glasgow Harp joined the Sports Club in the late 1990’s. They play in the Caledonian League – Premier Division.

Two or three of the local youngsters football clubs train at the club on Saturday mornings.

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