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 Allan Glen's School


 Allan Glen’s School, founded in 1853, developed from a school providing a "good practical education for the sons of tradesmen", to being the principal science school in Scotland and was often referred to as ‘the High School of Science.

Most pupils attended Allan Glen’s after having gained a scholarship for the first three years and so the range of pupils extended across all social classes, and many of the former pupils proceeded to senior posts in business, industry and medicine.

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  The Endowment Trust

students2The Allan Glen's Endowment Scholarship Trust awards scholarships to help pupils of Glasgow schools who are about to study engineering at a British university. The funds came to light after the closure of the school, and it was felt that this use of the funds was very much in the spirit in which Allan Glen made his original bequest.

The Trust also runs an annual Young Persons' Lecture attended by many schools, with guest speakers who aim to stimulate interest in engineering.

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STEM Academy

stemlogoAllan Glen's School Club is instrumental in a partnership with Glasgow City Council in setting up a new STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Academy. As early as next year we could see Allan Glen's name once again associated with science education.

Initially based in the new City of Glasgow College's Riverside campus, in 2016 it is planned to move to the College's Cathedral Street campus, which is, appropriately, under construction on the site of the school.


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City of Glasgow College


Mike McCreery presents the School's Book of Remembrance to Paul Little, the Principal of the City of Glasgow College. The book will be on display in the College's library when the new campus is built on the site of the Allan Glen's building.

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The school building makes way for the new college campus. Cathedral Street is on the right.




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