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Allan Glen's Endowment Trust


The Allan Glen's Endowment Scholarship Trust awards scholarships to students of Glasgow schools who are about to study engineering at a British university. The Trust also sponsors the Allan Glen Tribute Lecture given annually to promote interest in engineering amongst school pupils in Glasgow.


Student awards

On Wednesday 7th October the Trustees of the Allan Glen’s Endowment Scholarship Trust assembled in the library of the Glasgow City Chambers to congratulate the three latest recipients of the bursary award. They were Stephanie Hughes who will be studying Chemical Engineering, Siddiqi Zainuddin and Lee Curran who will both be studying Aero Mechanical Engineering. This year, all of the recipients will be attending Strathclyde University.

Our hosts were represented by Ian Robertson, who is the Assistant Director of Education and who presented the cheques and copies of the Allan Glen’s History books to the students. Strathclyde University was represented by Trustee and Vice-principal of the University, Professor Scott MacGregor who was supported by the Executive Dean of Engineering Professor Dimitris Drikakis and Vice Dean Academic Dr Andrew McLaren. The School Club was represented by Ian Dale, Gregor Egan, Mike McCreery, George Smith, Ian Valentine and Ronnie Wright. Allan Glens School Club takes this opportunity to wish all our supported students every success in their endeavours and look forward to reading of their progress on their courses.

endowment awards 2015


Trust Activity to date

The Trust is currently assisting some 20 students through their engineering degrees at Scottish universities. The three who started university in 2009 all did so well in the first four (BEng) years that they were selected to do a fifth (MEng) year, and the trustees  agreed to continue the funding for them.

From 2002 to date we have supported over two dozen students while they study engineering at University.